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A random sampling of the different kinds of Sports videos we can create.
To see all of our videos, visit our youTube channel.

Athlete highlight video - Spring update version

Specialized "skills video" highlights; custom shot and edited

Team end-of-season highlight; best plays edited to music

Youth football - individual player highlights

Documentary-style game highlights - great comeback!

5 of the biggest hits you'll see - over 1,400,000 views!


Varsity athlete - college recruiting video

Girls high school lacrosse highlights

A collection of our biggest lacrosse hits!

High school team end-of-season highlights


Custom highlight video for athlete includes interview
with coach & player

Youth tennis player video for high school application


Golf shots video for athlete - footage provided to us

Athlete video edited from exisiting video



Athlete highlight video edited from existing footage

Athlete highlight video made from footage provided to us




Coming Soon